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DHA ALGAL OIL Supports Brain Development and Protects Neurological Function.


Before you decide to use this product, consult your doctor or health worker for advice.






DHA Supports Brain Development and Protects Neurological Function. In the human infant, brain development undergoes its most rapid and complex growth during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years after birth. DHA play essential roles in learning, memory and behaviour, as well as in supporting nervous system development.  Therefore, the adequate DHA supply for pregnant mums and babies is essential.


Ultinature DHA Algol oil drops are an easy and great way to help support healthy eyes and brains.


Ultinature DHA Algal oil is derived from 100% Microalgae Schizochytrium Sp which is rich source of DHA.  It is also free from Preservatives, sweeteners and artificial Flavours.


This product is suitable for

• Pregnant and breastfeeding women,

• Babies and

• Adolescents





Serve directly in the mouth or with food or drinks. Shake week before use. Clean dropper thoroughly before and after each use. As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.



• Adults: not more than 0.7ml per day

• Children: not more than 0.5ml per day


Store bottle with original cap in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight ( under 20 ° C). Close the cap tightly after opening and consume product within one month of opening.




It is derived from pure Schizochyrtium Sp. Each mL of oral liquid contains 370mg DHA.

Algal, one of the most abundant organisms in the ocean, are marine-based photosynthesizing organisms. That is, they live in water and make energy from sunlight.


They are simple one-celled organisms that contain three components that make them a nourishing product:

• Chlorophyll and other plant pigments

• Omega-3 fatty acids as EPA and DHA

• Marine minerals such as iodine


Research has also shown that Algal oil may also improve:

• Nervous system function

• Immunity

• Memory & concentration

• Mood

• Neurotransmission

• Insulin sensitivity & nutrient partitioning

• Body composition


DHA ALGAL OIL helps improve immunity, memory & mood.